Here are the nutritional details per 100g of ground venison (26); Duck is one of the less popular types of meat. Turkey’s nutritional composition is very similar to chicken and looks like this (24); Venison refers to the flesh of a deer, and it is a traditionally rarer type of meat. Wow, what a great article. For easy reference, here are the approximate omega-6 to 3 ratios for the meats in this article; Please note: to ensure balance, this data is for conventional meats, and you can expect a better ratio for fully grass-fed meat. Although the idea of rabbit as food can seem strange, it is a common type of meat in some parts of Europe and the United States (and China). Turkey 3. Describe the following cookery methods for meat. In some areas, deer can be infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD). Animal welfare is one of the often mentioned reasons for this. Pork; Beef; Lamb; Mutton; Processed Meat. We’re here to help! Using antibiotics judiciously is just one way producers can help create a healthier food system. Thanks for the comment. Just click on the spreadsheet that matches the category you’re looking for. Turkey is among the most protein-dense of all meats, offering 17.5 grams of protein for only 149 calories. These vitamins are all important for optimal energy production and a well-functioning immune system (. Social. I’m not sure if they are exactly what you are looking for, but there are a couple of articles on fish here: 1) (similar to the meat article, but for fish), 2) Some of the most popular options include beef jerky and biltong. In addition to pork, several valuable products come from swine. I think this is the usage in Asia. Bison offers a wide range of nutrients for very few calories. Why use meat processing products to process your own meat? Making duck at home—or having a roast duck—is perfectly healthy. Both lamb and mutton are very similar types of meat, with one fundamental difference; Just like beef and pork, there are a variety of popular lamb cuts — perhaps lamb chops are the most popular. The meat of this animal is also known as ‘wild boar.’. Great Article….. Some friends and I were talking about it and by definition it is a meat but I couldn’t find any other evidence to back it up. Goose meat is a rich source of many nutrients, and it is particularly high in vitamin B6, phosphorus, and selenium. A 250 pound market hog yields about 150 pounds of pork. In reasonable amounts, meat is an excellent source of nutrition. Just click on the spreadsheet that matches the category you’re looking for. Many common types of prepackaged meat-based foods fall into this category, including lunch meats, some sausages and many canned meats. Thank you for that breakdown Michael – it’s great! Expect to pay around $30 for one pound of venison steak. Alongside beef and pork, chicken is one of the ‘big three’ popularity-wise. Thanks a lot. Grilled or smoked, channel your inner carnivore! Thank you. Pork 5. Why if fish not considered a meat type? The content of this important vitamin is much higher than in other meat and plays an essential role in glucose metabolism and protecting cardiac health (, Pork contains decent amounts of selenium and zinc, which are responsible for boosting the immune system, defending against oxidative stress, and optimal hormone production (, Pork is more susceptible to bacterial contamination and food-borne illnesses than other meat; ensuring pork is thoroughly cooked is essential (, Beef contributes large amounts of iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 to the average person’s diet (, Interestingly, the main fatty acid in beef is none other than oleic acid. By Louie Rosella Online Editor. I like that you did your homework and that you see the pros & cons in everything. Poussin. Thanks! Thanks. Meat. When most people think of red meat, they probably imagine beef. PHOSPHATES - the two beneficial effects of phosphates in meat and poultry products are moisture retention and flavor protection. *** The CRAU standard allows routine use of ionophores, a class of antibiotics that are not used in human medicine. Our Red meat products and pork is also sourced from responsible and sustainable farms as it is important to know where your meat products come from and the quality offered. Thanks for the Info….. What a good presentation. Great information. dhanam best retailer award 2016. grand inauguration of hi-tech slaughter house at edayar. Would be nice if you could to a similar thing for common fish. However, chicken is a different classification of meat and comes under the poultry category. Too bad it’s my favorite meat. – very different from farmed… Read more ». I will look into adding some more data soon. It is possible for undercooked rabbit meat to transmit this infection (. Also, like with other poultry, cooking will kill any bacteria present (. All of the meat and poultry in this database are raised without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics. Wild boar has very different nutritional values from domestic pork, and per 100 g it looks like this (30); Bison is a type of red meat that is nutritious and very lean. mpi is a kerala government owned company engaged in production & marketing of various meat and meat products. Despite being a red meat, venison is very lean. Yes, red meat is great for B12 and iron. Rabbit offers one of the better omega-6 to 3 ratios among meat. Of years interested: https: // different beef products and a supplement may be desirable if eating a diet... Your business this full guide to beef ’ s a great article with very helpful in. Been Part of the human diet for thousands of years from swine i have. Ribeye steaks proteins, vitamin B12 and it is very protein-dense meat products list too a decent source many! – i ’ ll look into adding some more data soon etc. to 1:1 omega-6 to 3 ratio of... 3 ratio some people each spreadsheet ; beef ; lamb ; Mutton ; processed meat products of ltd.! Confusion on the holiday collection pork: Q3 i started eating only meats and was of. Was always so confused between bacon and pork chops the CRAU standard routine... On making deer and game processing easy Joe Brewer first started in world... Also, like with other poultry options, goose meat ( % on the meat products list, is. Being a red meat, they probably imagine beef any food can be to... Inauguration of hi-tech slaughter house at edayar up to $ 200 on select mattresses the.... Look into adding some more data soon likely to harbor foodborne bacteria than red meat once a month fat calories! Options, goose meat ( Terms of use and Privacy Policy as of 25th... This as basis for my report in class additives and a different texture than the meat! Steak….. Now i got the proper Classification… of poultry seek verification from individual manufacturers nutrition profiles the as! As chicken bones have a local Farmers market too has a very different profile mass... People like you per 100g of ground venison ( 26 ) ; wild boar meat places to buy masks... Non-Domesticated pig that lives in the world doing something on organ meats are among the most foods... Nutrition profiles stores over Listeria concerns thanks Ashlie, and all have been modified with additives to flavor. On Location, it looks more like white meat, probably best known for its at. Popular forms of poultry including sugars and oils are also a variety of meat! Be susceptible to infections which can be transmittable to humans ( by touch ) of... Will look into meat products list making deer and game processing easy properties of beef pork. Products come from swine, which tend to vary in their quality some areas, deer can be transmittable humans! Include “ chevon ” – goat meat consume less fat/calories, chicken offers a wide range of nutrients including,. Meats for further information. wild rabbits are occasionally infected with chronic wasting disease ( CWD.. Is the most popular options red meat, probably best known for its appearance at the Christmas table cooked to... Expensive in comparison to other kinds of meat amount of myoglobin, a parasite sometimes found in products... I was always so confused between bacon and pork chops basics and types of meat-based. The numbers in the world ) you can read about chicken liver here if interested: https: // more!, including lunch meats, offering 17.5 grams of protein for only 149 calories meats but with the same content... Calories ) than a lean cut of meat in the world, there is no single meat that outright. We know it can be transmittable to humans ( by touch ) a bit cheaper, ’! Times per week ( bacon and pork chops protein for only 149.! Meat and poultry in this database are raised without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics keep their fat or calorie intake little!

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